A Research On Spices Consumption Of The Women’s
Kadınların Baharat Tüketimi Üzerine Bir Araştırma

Author : Yener OĞAN - Fulya SARPER - Elif Zeynep ÖZER - İbrahim ÇEKİÇ
Number of pages : 226-244


This study was planned and conducted in order to determine the spice use status of women living in different cities. The Spice Use Survey Form, which created in accordance with the purpose of the research was applied to 140 in Artvin, 140 in Gaziantep and 140 in Istanbul a total of 420 persons in April-May 2018. In the scope of the research detected women (61.9%) commonly used spices, the flavor factor (52.1%) was the determining factor in the selection of spices, and the taste factor (54.5%) was effective in shaping the usage habits. In addition, the amount of spice usage changes according to the attitudes of family members; hygiene-sanitation rules apply and sensitivity to the date of last consumption (26,4) have been achieved in spice useage. Significant differences were found between women's age, educational level and spice usage according to their regions (P<0,05). It is proposed to compare the studies to be done on different sample groups with this study and to increase the researches about spice use.


Spices, Women, Artvin, Gaziantep, İstanbul.


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