Evaluation of Stories for Children of Pre-School Education Period
Okulöncesi Eğitim Dönemi Çocuklarına Yönelik Öykülerin Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Feride SANÇMIŞ -- Mehmet ŞAHİN
Number of pages : 72-88


This research is a qualitative study based on a text review aimed at evaluating picture quality children's publications for preschool children in terms of some qualifications. The study group of this study consisted of 6 short stories selected from Short Stories education publications 1 and 2 from Story World 1 and 2 books. Seven qualities have been identified for the purpose of the study. 6 stories were evaluated for these qualities. Content analysis was used to analyze the data. As a result of the research, it was seen that the child's story was gender discriminated, the appropriate problem was selected in the stories, the cause-effect relation was given to the saddle, and the students were directed to think about it versatile. However, in some cases it has been reached that the problem-solving process is avoided, that obedience and acceptance are emphasized, and that it is possible to develop a thought system based on certain patterns. In the stories, messages are usually given to indicate that violence is bad and to stay away from violence. In some reports violence incitement messages have been included.


Preschool education, children's publication, story, fairy tale

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