The Analysis of Factors Affecting Brand Loyalty in Cell Phone Market with Structural Equation Model
Cep Telefonu Pazarında Marka Sadakatini Etkileyen Faktörlerin Yapısal Eşitlik Modeliyle İncelenmesi

Author : Veysel YILMAZ -- Gizem ÇELME KABAKÇI
Number of pages : 295-309


The mobile phone sector has become a sector where innovation is the most important factor by developing more and more every year with technology. Every brand puts effort to meet the customer with better and new and designs hundreds of products. This leads to emergence of many factors for the customer’s decision. Thus, ensuring brand loyalty is becoming a very important issue in the mobile phone market. The purpose of this study is to determine the factors affecting brand loyalty in cell phone market with structural equation model. Afterwards, in order to evaluate the relations in this research model, a data gathering tool has been designed. In izmir a survey has been cunducted to 319 people chosen among smartphone users and the collected data has been analized by AMOS software. Firstly, conceptual and theoretical explanations are included in the research. As a result of the survey; the percieved value has been determined as the most important factor to affect the customer satisfaction.


mobile phone market, Brand Loyalty, structural equation modelling

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