France’s Language, Culture and Minority Policy in the Framework of Culture Sociology
Kültür Sosyolojisi Çerçevesinde Fransa’nın Dil, Kültür ve Azınlık Politikası

Author : Fahriye ÇAKIR -- Hasan ATMACA
Number of pages : 446-463


In this study, it will be referred to the policy of France about minority groups who are different than majority group on the religious, linguistic, cultural and ethnic perspectives. This research will be held according to the concepts discoursed strongly by Culture Sociology and effects of the globalization process. With the globalization process, there have been changes in many areas. The most important changes are the changes in the dimension of perception. Perception of life, world and people, outlook on life and the style of existence in life have changed. An individuated global socialization process began. This process affected the Sociology of Culture that examines the relationship between the social structure and culture. Sociology of Culture began to rethink about basic concepts such as language, culture and identity and put on its agenda new concepts such as cultural colonialism and identity assimilation which are consequences of the globalization. The loss of community’s many identity types and unfortunately its uniformity are at high risk. Therefore, in this study identity types will be described briefly and will be focused on ethnic identity that represents minority groups in a detailed way. Ethnicity also has political factors as well as social factors. At this point, policy which will be implemented on minority groups have an importance because the ethnic identity, which is unknown when it will be active and take place on political dimension, may be divisive as may be integrative. The countries that are aware of this reality implement different minority policies. In this study it will be searched that how minorities and minority rights are perceived in France, the country of 1789 revolution and what policy are followed on this issue. Language and culture policies, which gain importance in this context and have a close relationship with minority policy, will be discussed again through France.


France, minority policy, globalization, Sociology of culture, ethnic identity.

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