Genderes Cliches In „Die Fremde Braut“ by Kelek
Geschlechterklischees in Keleks „Die Fremde Braut“

Author : İnci ARAS
Number of pages : 149-167


It is a simple fact that every nation has its own cultural spectacles and tends completely to observe each other through these cultural-tinted-glasses. On that basis there is the most unquestionable evidence that every nation forms its own nature. Gender stereotypes also determining what is typically male or female are elements of this cultural system. The aim of this study is to examine the gender specific roles in the work “Die Fremde Braut” in closer detail and to investigate the decisive effect of such Turkish thoughts on the behavior of the human being. By comparing male and female roles the present paper aims in this context to bring to light what roles men and women are to play in Turkish culture and how these gendered roles influence the way of life of the characters in the novel.


gender stereotypes, feminity, society

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