A Human Rights Infringement: Honor Killings
Bir İnsan Hakları İhlali: Namus Cinayetleri

Number of pages : 01-19


Honor is one of the phenomena that some societies attach great value to. Honor is an important concept that has vital values that arise from traditions and customs regarding sexual behavior and as a rule require sexual avoidance. The concept of honor can be perceived and interpreted in different meanings according to the period and society. Patriarchal structures are undertaken in countries where Muslim-dominated individuals live, and in general, honor is identified with the female body and its sexual purity. In this context, while women are expected to have virginity under the name of honor, they are demanded to do their guarding from the man. In addition, women are faced with a difficult life constrained by their freedom, first under the pressure of the family, then in the society press and this situation is integrated with the concept of honor. Therefore, women who are seen on the second plan are forcibly married to people they do not want, and if they are opposed, their lives are terminated under the name of "honor killings". Despite the unprecedented increase in these killings today, scientific articles on the subject are not sufficient. Therefore, in this review which is thought to be a light for literature, concepts related to honor and honor killings have been dealt with.


honor, honor killings, violence against women

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