Current Women’s Health Issues: What is the Ethical and Legal Status?
Güncel Kadın Sağlığı Konuları: Etik ve Yasal Durum Nedir?

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With the advancement of technology and science, there has been a rapid change and development in the field of medicine in recent years. While these developments solve many health problems on the one hand, they lead to ethical problems by affecting the values of society on the other. Moreover, ethical problems can intensify ethical dilemmas and cause health professionals to occasionally fall in to conflict with moral values. Ethical dilemmas, in particular, emerge in all areas affecting women’s health and may adversely affect women’s health by resulting in ethical violations. It is the responsibility of health care professional stop revent ethical violations in the health care of women who are already disadvantage dinall aspects of life. In this context, all professionals working in the field of women’s health should be knowledge able about ethical rules and adhere to ethical rules. In order for health care professionals to make ethical decisions in the face of ethical dilemmas that they experience, it is important that they know the ethical problems in the field of women’s health and the laws concerning women’s health. Moreover, the development of ethical codes and standards covering all individuals who are employed in the field of women’s health under the conditions of our country will be effective in preventing ethical violations. In this review study, the current ethical issues in the field of women’s health and the laws concerning women’s health were discussed in light of the above information.


women’s health, ethical dilemma, ethical violation, legal status

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