A Review On Those Who Studied Music Abroad And Applied For The Recognition Of Their Qualifications in Turkey
Yurt Dışında Müzik Eğitimi Alarak Türkiye’de Diploma Denklik Başvurusunda Bulunanlar Üzerine Bir İnceleme

Number of pages : 35-59


In this research, it is aimed to reveal datas on those, who studied music abroad and applied for the recognition of their qualifications. Comprehensive information on the legislation of recognition and daily practices of recognition services are also included in this review. This research is a descriptive study which has been made by using the literature review method. The universe of the research is based on 179 diploma holder, who applied for recognition to the Department of Recognition and Equivalency Services performing under the Council of Higher Education (CoHE), after being completed their studies in the field of music and received bachelor and/or Master’s degrees from foreign countries. Information obtained from Information Management System of CoHE shows that most of the bachelor degree holders, who studied in the field of music, had graduated from General Highschools in Turkey and most of the Master’s degree holders, who studied in the field of music, had previously studied music and graduated from foeign and domestic undergraduate programs of the universities in the related area. The profile of recognition applicants shows that most of them graduated from “Music Teaching” program and preferred to study in Nakhcivan State University, Azerbaijan.


Council of Higher Education, equivalance, recognition, education abroad, music education.

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