The Created Art In The Process Neoliberalist Perception
Neoliberalist Algılama Sürecinde Yaratılan Sanat Olgusu

Author : Fırat ÇALKUŞ
Number of pages : 89-96


Neoliberalism can be seen as a continuous growth and development by incorporating infinity rather than being an economic-political system. Neoliberalism, which is historically adopted as an adaptation of economic-political modeling, should be considered especially because it contains the concept as a whole.As an approach, the neoliberal view desires uniformity by influencing many areas beyond creating the subjective. It creates a common perception by legitimizing / neutralizing this perception of form it creates with concepts such as growth and leap. The arguments of the Zizek and the neoliberal political discourses of the research and the autonomous structure of art are being sought. Since the autonomous art is increasingly becoming a useful art and the corporations have a more prominent right, the unlimited support of useful art is the inevitable contemporary paradox.Presenting the political discourse of contemporary art and presenting it as political representation is about to ensure the existence of the missing. Art is trying to provide this as a mission in the regulation of motivated social perception.No matter what ideological structure it takes, art must continue to be visible or to make it visible to be visible.Art, like many other cultural-economic concepts, will continue to live by embellishing itself, or it will be part of a fictional struggle.


Neoliberalism, Ideology, Corporation, Autonomous Art, Useful Art.

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