The Phenomenon Of Religion İn History: Reflection On Turkish-Islamic Cities
Tarihte Din Olgusu: Türk-İslam Kentlerine Yansıması

Author : Hande Sanem ÇINAR
Number of pages : 97-105


The phenomenon of religion, which dates back to ancient times as human history, has been and is one of the factors that have played an active role in shaping life, as it is today, at the very center of life as it was at least in history. It is the only source of motivation, as a result of the existential search of man and his environment. Much research has been done so far on topics such as religious beliefs, worship, religious institutions and their effects on social life. In this study, the importance of religious factors in urban identity has been tried to be put forward. It was seen that the cities, which had no religious reference in the old period, were not centers of attraction. The great civilizations based on religion brought the cultures of the various nations, which they took into a little, into a common identity. Islamic Civilization is one of the most characteristic examples of this.


Religion, Identity, City, Islam

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