Validity and Reliability Study of the Recreational Social Health Scale
Rekreasyonel Sosyal Sağlık Ölçeğinin Geçerlik Güvenirlik Çalışması

Author : Mehmet Ali ÖZTÜRK
Number of pages : 200-210


This study was carried out to determine the social health status of the individuals participating in recreational activities. For this purpose, the validity and reliability study of the recreational social health scale (RSSÖ) was performed. The study was carried out between April and September 2018 with 545 people who were engaged in recreational activities in the park and sports areas in Karşıyaka, Bostanlı and Çiğli in İzmir. RSS validity and reliability tests were performed with Explanatory Factor Analysis (EFA). The KMO value was 0.798 and the Bartlett sphericity test values were found to be ?2= 3688.935, p <0.000 and the scale was proved to be suitable for factor analysis. According to the EFA analysis, 13 items were excluded from the scale after the Anti Image Correlation Matrix (AICM) test and the analysis was continued with 22 items. Four factors (time, social relations, communication and happiness / peace) whose eigenvalues were greater than 1 were determined. The contribution of 4 factors to total variance was found to be 59.20%. As a result of the validity and reliability analyzes of the RSSÖ, a scale consisting of 22 items and 4 factors was developed.


recreation, social health, scale development, validity, reliability

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