Language and Meaning in Communication: A Theoretical Evaluation in the Context of Philosophy of Communication
İletişimde Dil ve Anlamlandırma: İletişim Felsefesi Bağlamında Kuramsal Bir Değerlendirme

Author : Seçil UTMA
Number of pages : 225-237


Communication and philosophy emerge as two phenomena in the social sciences and often associated with each other. Communication; it is basically a two-sided process that aims to create and share meaning. Since the phenomenon of communication is not managed correctly by everyone, it is now increasingly misunderstanding and disagreement. This attempt to make sense is intertwined with philosophy. The philosophy of communication, which has emerged as a discipline that examines the essence of the communication, its aims, the ideal communication environment and the methods used, has attracted the attention of many thinkers throughout the ages and has been the subject of research. In our study, firstly, the concept of communication and the problems of language and interpretation are discussed theoretically.


Communication, Philosophy of Communication, Language and Signification

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