Color Factor in Woven Fabrics in terms of Relief Effect
Rölyef Etki Açısından Dokuma Kumaşlarda Renk Faktörü

Author : Fatma Nur BAŞARAN -- Gülşen Şefika BERBER
Number of pages : 60-71


Color is a phenomenon which is perceived through the amount of the presence of light and it may show variability depending on a lot of different factor. These factors can be sorted as color of the surrounding place, environmental factors, intensity of the enlightening light source, incidence angle of the light, form and direction of incidence, amount of light etc. Visual perception of the color in textile fabrics is absorbation of some part of the light which falls on fabrics and detraction of the other part through reflection. The reason why textile seems colored in here is it’s reflecting light. Light is a pathfinder for distinction and identification of color, volume and fiber connections of relief surfaces. Color is a design element which presents wide options for weaving and provides dynamism on the surface via light reflections during creation process. Relief perception in textile fabrics is able to be strengthened with numerouseffects by being evaluated diversely, in terms of material (raw material type that is used, properties of warp and weft strings) and in terms of manufacturing methods (construction and technique of braid during weaving, special techniques that are applied after weaving), thus the light being obtained is able to create different perceptions via numerous effects like shadow, fiber, volume etc. Encolouring on textiles can be fulfilled before production or by both using the colored strings and materials during manufacturing process and putting textiles to some special practices like painting or printing. When the visual and physical properties which make up textile fabrics are taken into account, it turns out that color makes visual contribution rather than physical value. In this study, relief effect in the textile fabric is examined only with the color factor. In the study that is prepared by using descriptive research method, the contribution of colour factor in terms of material and production methods to relief effect is explained with appropriate examples.


Relief, weaving, textile design, color, volume

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