The Examination of Listening Activities Taken Place in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language C1 Level Textbooks in Terms of Metacognitive Strategies
Türkçenin Yabancı Dil Olarak Öğretiminde Kullanılan C1 Seviye Ders Kitaplarında Yer Alan Dinleme Etkinliklerinin Üst Bilişsel Stratejiler Açısından İncelenmesi

Author : Mesut GÜN -- Çiğdem YALÇIN
Number of pages : 211-224


Listening among the basic skills in teaching Turkish as a foreign language is not a passive skill area but it is an area that can be developed and taught that requires a mental effort. In the case of a mental effort, the concept of metacognition comes to the fore. Metacognition is to control the student's own learning, control his / her cognitive process and evaluate this process. Therefore, in order to increase the performance for listening, a strategy based on metacognition should be used in this process. The aim of this study is to examine listening activities in Turkish textbooks as foreign languages in terms of metacognitive strategies. Document analysis technique was used in the research. Listening activities of the 5 different textbooks used in teaching Turkish as a foreign language in Turkey were examined and evaluated in terms of Oxford’s (1990)sub- dimensions of metacognitive strategies classification. In this context, the compliance of listening activities with Oxford's (1990) classification of metacognitive strategy was tried to be determined by three experts' opinions. According to the results of the study, it was determined that there was no strategy other than centering your learning which is one of the sub-dimensions of metacognitive strategies.


Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, textbook, listening, metacognitive strategies

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