The Effect Of Preparation Process On Individuals’ Reading Habit: 8th Grade Sample
Sınava Hazırlık Sürecinin Bireyin Okuma Alışkanlığı Üzerinde Etkisi: 8.Sınıf Örneği

Number of pages : 238-248


Reading occurs as a result of mental activities in the individual and there are many factors effective in gaining ıt as a habit. The aim of this research is to examine the impact of preparation process on students’ reading habits that play a role in their social and academic success. The research was conducted with 42 8th grade students who are studying in Ankara Şehit İlker Aydın and Trabzon Akçaabat Cumhuriyet Middle Schools of 2018-2019 education year. 21 students were taken from both schools. The qualitative method was used in the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data. For this purpose, semi-structured interviews were held with the students. The data obtained during semi-structured interviews were recorded with the voice recorder and then printed, and the interviews lasted about 15 minutes on average in each student. As a result of the research, most of the students stated that the LGS process affects their reading status negatively. It was also concluded that there are students who love to read but do not have a habit of reading regularly.


Reading, reading habit, examination.

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