Genitive Case Use in Book called Misbâhu’l-Envâr that was written in Last Period Chagatai Turkish and Possessive Constructions
Son Dönem Çağatay Türkçesiyle Yazılmış Misbâhu’l-Envâr Adlı Eserde İlgi Hâli Eki Kullanımı ve Belirtili İsim Tamlamaları

Author : Ümit EKER
Number of pages : 271-294


In Chagatai Turkish, genitive case is generally provided by the suffix of “+nI2”. It is known that “+nI2” objective case was used as a genitive case at times from the old Turkish period to Chagatai Turkish. This function related suffix can be seen in Chagatai Turkish and this circumstance has been revealed by several studies. Using “+nI2” objective case by the function of the genitive case was popular by dialects of Samarkand, Tashkent, Andican, Karsi, Hive, Urgenc, and Harezm especially in Chagatai Turkish period. This study scrutinized genitive case use in a book called Misbâhu’l-Envâr that was written in the last period of Chagatai Turkish. Objective and genitive cases are provided by “+nI2” suffix except for 1 sample in Misbâhu’l-Envâr. This situation is the original use peculiar to the related book; being substantially used the suffix in such a function creates a position that is worth the evaluation. Possessive constructions are also reviewed based on their formation because of having a direct relationship with the suffix; statistics are computed; accordingly, the activity of “+nI2” suffix is endeavored to be revealed.


Last Period Chagatai Turkish, Genitive Case, Objective Case, Possessive Construction

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