Chronology Of The Tigris Valley Geomorphologic Evolution Since The Lgm According To Terrace Records In The Diyarbakir Area
Diyarbakır Kenti Civarında Taraça Kayıtlarına Göre Son Buzul Maksimimu’ndan Beri Dicle Nehri Vadisinin Jeomorfolojik Evriminin Kronolojisi

Author : Sabri KARADOĞAN - Catherine KUZUCUOĞLU - Jean-Pascal DUMOULIN
Number of pages : 177-184


Tigris terraces over a 10 km path from upstream the Diyarbakir city to the Karpuzlu meander, and downslope the city (the Hevsel Gardens) have been studied using field work and cores in the sediments forming the terraces, 14C dated in suitable layers studied in cores (north of Diyarbakır), and open sections (Karpuzlu).In the Hevsel gardens, we identify and map seven terraces above today’s flood plain. In three areas selected in the terraces fringing the River Tigris, our results inform about the river displacements, accumulation vs incision periods since the Late Glacial.


Diyarbakır, Dicle (Tigris) River, Terrace, Hevsel Gardens, Geomorphological Evolution.


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