A Study on the Relationships between First Grade Students’ School Readiness and Academic Achievement
Birinci Sınıf Öğrencilerinin Okul Olgunluğu ve Akademik Başarıları Arasındaki İlişkinin İncelenmesi

Author : Cemal YILDIRIM - Derya ARSLAN ÖZER
Number of pages : 51-63


In this study, it is aimed to investigate the relation between school readiness (school readiness, math’s skills) and academic achievement and to develop studies according to their levels. The study is a correlation research defining the strength and aspect of the relation and it was conducted with 35 first grade students. In data collection, ‘’Metropolitan School Readiness’’ adapted to Turkish by Oktay (1980), ‘’Test of Early Mathematics Ability (TEMA-3)’’ adapted to Turkish by Erdoğan (2006) and the students’ Turkish and Math’s report card grades was used. Academic success of the students was evaluated according to the report card of the first term. As a result of research, it is determined that, there is an intermediate level of relation between Metropolitan School Maturity Test and student’s Turkish and Math class academic achievements; and a high level of relation between Test of Early Mathematics Ability and math class academic achievements and high level of relation between Metropolitan School Readiness Test and Test of Early Mathematics Ability. According to the Metropolitan School Readiness Test results, a substantial part of students has an intermediate and pre-intermediate level. According to the Test of Early Mathematics Ability results, more than half of the students in terms of their mathematical ability are in a less pre-intermediate level than from their current ages.


school readness, first grade, academic achievement


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