Hodja Zada Tradition In Ottoman Poetry Fatwas Tradition
Osmanlı Manzum Fetvâ Geleneğinde Hocazâdeler Geleneği

Author : Muhittin ELİAÇIK
Number of pages : 94-114


Poetry and literature were dominant in all areas of the Ottoman Empire, and the state documents were affected from it and verse and literary art were used galore in every kind of official archive document. This event has also been reflected in the legal subculture fatwas and thus poetry fatwas has entered into Turkish literature as a genre of authentic. In the Ottoman Empire poetry fatwas are given by sheikhulislams and muftis who have a special place in Divan poets. The poetry fatwas which started to be given from the middle of the 16th century generally came out of the famous and important sheikhulislams such as Ebussuud Efendi, Bostanzade Mohammed Efendi, Hodja Sadeddin Efendi. Hodja Sadeddin Efendi and his sons and grandchild transform this tradition into a family tradition and they have a special place in this regard. It is noteworthy that more than half of the poetry fatwas written in the Ottoman Empire had been given by Hocazades.


Ottoman, Hodjazadas, poetry fatwa, tradition.

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