Prevention Efforts of Child Abuse by Public Administration in the USA.
ABD’de Kamu Yönetiminin Çocuk İstismar ve İhmalini Önleme Çalışmaları

Author : Polat TUNÇER
Number of pages : 132-166


Child neglect and abuse is one of the basic problems of the meat of the USA as it is all over the world. On the one hand, while trying to solve the problems created by the events that have occurred, on the other hand it is in a study based on the data and planned to prevent such cases from happening. Firstly, it seems to concentrate on preventive measures. This article aims to examine the efforts of the US to prevent child abuse and neglect primarily based on official sources and scientific articles. In Turkey, it can serve as an example to public administrators who struggle with this problem or guiding tracks are among our goals to be carrying. However, the fact that the work done to prevent the emergence of the problem yields positive results and that the public administration depends on its effective implementation should not be ignored. It is not possible that this problem can be solved without all social dynamics being worked on in a coordinated way without being actuated. In this context, it is important to first obtain and examine the data in a regular manner. On the other hand, plans based on these data and analyzes need to be implemented in a coordinated and collaborative manner.


Public Administration, Children, Neglect and Abuse (Bad Behavior),


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