Contribution Of The Morale Levels Of Teachers To Teacher Productivity
Öğretmenlerin Moral Düzeylerinin Öğretmen Verimliliğine Katkısı

Author : Salih Paşa MEMİŞOĞLU - Sevgi TAŞKIN
Number of pages : 185-203


The aim of this study is to determine the opinions of teachers on the contribution of moral levels to teacher productivity. Qualitative research design is used for the study and its study group consists of 20 teachers working at Anatolian High Schools in Bolu in 2018-2019. The data is collected via semi-structured interview form. Descriptive and content analysis is used for data analysis. According to the findings; it is seen that teachers are the people who are willing to cooperate in the activities that are performed inside and outside the school, fulfilling the tasks and responsibilities expected from him with enthusiasm, who are in positive relationships with their colleagues, who are happy with the school's achievements, who work in harmony with each other, who can defend their institutions on false criticisms and sensations that are formed in the institution when necessary, believe in the school and can be proud of. In addition, teachers have expressed positive views that they have made efforts to improve themselves and that they have created unique learning environments for their students in their teaching activities, that they are actively involved in a constructive and helpful attitude where necessary in solving problems, they have been performing education and training in harmony, that the majority of them are willing to participate in meetings and events, that they carry out. The teachers who expressed negative opinions stated that they were not happy in their schools, they did not feel belonging to their schools, school administrators should make efforts to solve the problem, and that they did not abstain from criticizing. It is thought that this situation does not create a sense of belonging and commitment of teachers to their institutions and that their morale is low in working environments.


Morale, Productivity, Teacher.

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