Criteria of Assigning Homework by Classroom Teacher
Sınıf Öğretmenlerinin Ev Ödevi Verme Kriterleri

Author : Birol SUSAM - Mehmet Kaan DEMİR
Number of pages : 01-15


The education continues at time when the student even spent outside of the school. The major aims of the homeworks for the students are to efficiently increase the value of their time outside of the school, to develop a sense of responsibility and conduct individual research on the subjects they have learned in school. The purpose of this study is to examine the criteria for assigning homework by classroom teacher. The study group consisted of 11 classroom teachers working in primary schools in Kadıköy, Istanbul. In this qualitative research, interview technique was used. Data were collected through face-to-face interviews with semi-structured questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed and made meaningful by using content analysis method. When the research findings were examined, it was found out the classroom teachers assigned homework to improve the students' repetition, reinforcement, responsibility and research skills. It was understood that all teachers who participated in the study have positive attitudes toward not assigning homework on vacation recommended by Ministry of education. In general, teachers assign daily homeworks to the students, and assign the same hoemeworks to all students in the class. Classroom teachers also claim that the students who do not do homeworks mostly not getting helps from parents


Classroom teacher, elementary school, homework.


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