The Relationship Between Sociopedagogy And Ergotherapy
Sosyopedagoji ve Ergoterapi İlişkisi

Author : Fahriye ÇAKIR
Number of pages : 257-282


In this study, the relationship between sociopedagogy and ergotherapy will be examined in the context of target audience, basic goals, methods and techniques used, and healing auxiliary materials. Aiming to improve the society through education with the society, the sociopedagogy interprets the individual within the framework of his / her conditions and shows a holistic approach while doing so. Sociopedagogy is a discipline that plans to create a peaceful society from the combination of assistance and education, which offers conservation, care, counseling, social integration, education, retraining services. Sociopedagogy expands its service area with boarding and complementary institutions.In this study, the problems,to which sociopedagogy tries to find solutions, restraining the individual from being social such as social exclusion,loneliness, autonomy,failure to acquire social identity or losing will be mentioned. Ergotherapy is a type of rehabilitation that heals problems restraining person from being social such as any obstacles, disease, old age, unsuccessful socialization process, drug addiction, homosexuality, isolation from the society and treats them with work and occupational activities. It is based on two main objectives: retraining and re-adaptation. Sociopedagogy and ergotherapy are two areas that frequently have the same goals. Like sociopedagogy, ergotherapy appeals to people of all age groups. It should be noted that the child group will be kept in the forefront in this study, since sociopedagogy puts children at the peak of the target audience.Ergotherapy, where the client is observed with a holistic approach and treatment is carried out according to this observation, is based on the action. In joining these two fields, child literature will be included in the study as a healing tool. The ways and possibilities of the child's return to social life through action and literature, which is the tool of action, will be discussed.


Sociopedagogy,Ergotherapy, Literature, Children’s Literature, Child

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