The Applicability Of Social Constructivism In The Environment And Process Of Teaching And Learning At School
Okul Öğretme-Öğrenme Ortam Ve Süreçlerinde Sosyal Yapılandırmacılık Yaklaşımının Uygulanabilirliği

Author : Süleyman GÖKSOY -Elif TORLAK
Number of pages : 87-110


The purpose of the research is to learn the teachers’ opinions on the applicability of social constructivism in the environment and process of teaching and learning at school. Qualitative research approach and phenomenology out of qualitative research designs have been adopted in the research. Based on the opinions of the teachers, the question of to what extend social constructivism can be applied in the environment and process of teaching and learning at school has been interpreted by being organized under the themes of introduction, cooperation and creation of classroom rules, setting of targets and expectations, creation of democratic participation climate, construction of human relationships and communication culture. The suggestions made based on the results of the research were that more and various events should be organized in order for students to get to know each other better and develop their interactions and friendships at schools and in classrooms. Different events which can teach the students the rules and their roles in the class should be organized at their schools. The student groups should be provided with the opportunity and the facility to evaluate their own work. The students at their schools should be provided with the opportunity and the environment in which they will be able to use their all skills and share the leadership and the responsibilities in the group. A classroom climate where they can feel comfortable while conducting a research and exploring on their own and they can work independently should be created.


teaching-learning environment, social constructivism