The Causes and Effects of Writing Anxiety on Foreign Language Learning and Coping with It
Yabancı Dil Öğrenmede Yazma Kaygısının Nedenleri, Etkileri ve Başetme Yolları

Author : Hilal İLHAN -Ömer Faruk TUTKUN
Number of pages : 62-79


The purpose of this study is to determine the causes of foreign language writing anxiety, its effects on writing skill and what can be done to reduce the writing anxiety. In the current study, as a research method document analysis was used. Sources used as data collection tools were mostly based on foreign literature. The main results about the foreign language writing anxiety in this study are as follows: 1- Anxiety as a part of life is an emotional state that affects all learning and teaching processes in a broad sense, and affects foreign language and foreign language writing learning processes. 2- Anxiety has both positive and negative effects on foreign language writing skill. However, this effect is mostly negative. 3- There are many factors that affect writing anxiety. The main factors are about having sufficient grammar and vocabulary knowledge, self-confidence and beliefs in writing skill, students' past experiences, time pressure, writing topic and evaluation process.


Foreign Language, Learning, Anxiety, Writing, Coping.