An Poetry Archive Document Written About Mustafa Kemal Pasha And His Weapon Friends
Mustafa Kemal Paşa ve Silah Arkadaşları İçin Yazılmış Manzum Bir Osmanlı Arşiv Belgesi

Author : Muhittin ELİAÇIK
Number of pages : 80-86


Ottoman archives are a sea that is described as the Treasury and contains very important information and documents for all disciplines. There are many documents in these archives that were written in verse for various reasons and presented to the palace or other government institutions and kept by winning the archive document. One of them is the two praise texts written for the head of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Pasha and his gunmates. These writings were written by Mehmed Halid (Hacı Halid) Bey, who spent ten years of his bureaucratic life in Diyarbakır and served as the governor of Diyarbakır for six years. He was a bureaucrat who was appointed as the governor of this province in 1896 and carried out important works there. Born in Nicosia and completed his primary education with a private teacher in his home. He did some duties in the provinces, after he served as an writing editor in Aydın and Sinop; He worked as an inspector. He continued his governorship of Diyarbakır, where he was appointed in 1896, for six years without any interruption, and realized many works and repairs and many charities. After leaving the Diyarbakır governor, it was determined that he settled in Istanbul and supported the National Struggle at a distance, and that he wrote two praises on the Commander-in-Chief Battle of Mustafa Kemal and his gunmates on August 30, 1922.


Ottoman archives, Mustafa Kemal Pash, eulogy, Diyarbekir.