The Relations between Alexithymia and Identity Functions: An Investigation through High School Students
Aleksitimi ve Kimlik İşlevleri Arasındaki İlişkiler: Lise Öğrencileri Üzerinden Bir İnceleme

Author : Özlem GÜL -Serap Aktaş-Bilal-Kaya-Ümit Morsünbül
Number of pages : 25-39


The main purpose of this study is to investigate whether alexithymia significantly predict the identity functions. Another aim of this article is that the studies on alexithymia Turkey are mostly in the field of psychiatry and the studies on non-clinical individuals are inadequate. 696 students (58% female, 42% male) attending various Anatolian High Schools in Konya, Kırşehir and Mardin provinces in the 2019-2020 academic year constitute the scope of this research and their ages are between 14-18 years old mean 15.38±1.104. Toronto Alexithymia Scale and Identity Functions Scale were used as a data collection tool. In the study, correlation analysis was carried out to address the relationships among variables. In addition, multiple regression analysis was applied to determine the level of Alexithymia dimensions. Research results have shown that there is a negative significant relationship between identity functions and difficulty in recognizing emotions and difficulty in expressing emotions. The results indicated that while high school students difficulty of recognizing emotions and the difficulty of expressing emotions increases, the level of function provided by the emotion of identity decreases.


Alexithymia, Identity, Identity functions.